Young Adults


Welcome to our Young Adults page. Holy Cross has a wonderful young adult’s ministry.  Young adults are those around 18-35 years of age.

Our vision as a congregation is:

“By God’s grace, we will be a caring, vibrant, diverse community of blessed believers, lovingly reaching out with the message of Jesus Christ.”

The young adults ministry at Holy Cross Lutheran is open for anyone to attend and join together  for fun, fellowship and learning about the message of Jesus Christ.   We have a vibrant and diverse group of young adults who meet regularly.

Sunday Mornings:

 Every Sunday during the Education Hour at Holy Cross, the young adults meet from 10:00 – 10:45 a.m. in the Triple Bible Class Room. We call this our YABS (Young Adult Bible Study) group.  We take time to learn from God’s Word how God’s grace empowers us as we live for Him.  We have a wonderful group of discussion group leaders to help us grow in our faith and the knowledge of God’s word.  Welcome.

This House/Coffee House: 

The last Friday of each month we gather together from 7-10 p.m. for food, fellowship and interesting teaching.  At this time we are working through a DVD series called: Who is Jesus? Building a comprehensive case.  The DVD’s are put out by Focus on the Family with Dr. Del Tackett as the presenter.  It is a wonderful apologetic series that equips  us to be able to give reason for the faith that God has gifted to us.  Pastor Roland helps to facilitate the teaching time.

Mid Week Bible Studies:

Every second week we have opportunity to gather at different homes for a time of fellowship and studying God’s Word.   Each time we meet at a different location. If you want to join us then call Oleg  or Nicole Chernukhin at 519-807-2197 or Colin and Michelle Palmer at 519-588-9869

For more information on Young Adult ministry at Holy Cross please feel free to call Lenora Simpson 519-742-5812 or Oleg Chernukhin 519-807-2197 or Michelle Palmer 519-588-9869.