The Beginning
Holy Cross - 1948

Holy Cross owes its origins to St. Paul's (now Historic St. Paul's) congregation, especially several members of St. Paul's living in the East Ward of Kitchener, which expanded quite rapidly after the Second World War. For some time these members talked about forming a new mission, and the first step in this direction took place in the fall of 1947 when St. Paul's congregation purchased nearly an acre of land from the House of Refuge Board for $2,000.00 - the present church property. ln April 1948 a formal call was extended to the Rev. Daryl G. Meyer, who was stationed at North Bay, to organize and become pastor of this East Ward Mission. He accepted, and came to Kitchener in July, after a parsonage was purchased at 15 Stirling Avenue North, with a loan from the District Church Extension Fund. On July 25th he was installed in St. Paul's church by Rev. Arthur Eissfeldt as the pastor of the East Ward Mission.


On August 4th, an organizational meeting was held, and it was resolved to form "Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church" and to conduct services in Sheppard School auditorium. The first service was held, Sunday afternoon, August 8th, with 208 people in attendance. Striving Together was Pastor Meyer's sermon theme, and it can be truly said that such has been the general spirit of the congregation ever since. A Sunday School with 22 pupils and 10 staff members was organized immediately under the leadership of Martin Shoemaker.

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The following voters and their families were released by St. Paul's to become charter members of Holy Cross:

Harvey Bacher
Len Bauer
William Besserer
Charles Eidf
Roy Fleischauer
Walter Hagen
J. Hofstetter
Walter Kuehner
Carl Kurt
Carl Lantz
Howard Main
John Miske
Albert Orzen
C. Schallhorn
Rudy Scharlach
Vernon Schierholzn
Clayton Schmidt
Arthur Schmitt
Carl Schmitt
Leonard Shantz
E. J. Shoemaker
Martin Shoemaker
Bruce Shriber
Howard Stieler
Wilmer Strome
Roy Wendell
Karl Orzen
William Runke
Ed. Runke

plus the following communicants: Mrs. Valerie Orzen, Mrs. George Runke, Mrs. Howard Shantz and Mrs. Fred Travell.

On August 4th, the first Voters' Meeting adopted a constitution and elected its first church officers:

Chairman: Karl Orzen
Vice-Chairman: Arthur Schmitt 
Secretary: Rudy Scharlach
Treasurer: Roy Fleischauer
Financial Secretary: Bruce Shriber
Elders: Clayton Schmidt, E.J. Shoemaker and Wilmer Strome 
Trustees: John Miske, Harvey Bacher and Vernon Schierholz
Sunday School Superintendent: Martin Shoemaker

Also accomplished before the end of 1948 were the organization of: The Ladies' Choir, The Adult Bible Class, Ushering Staff, The Men's Club and the Women's Guild. The annual Every-Member-Visiiition for pledges also had.its beginning the very first year, and accounts to a great extent for the exemplary stewardship performance of the congregation ever since.

The Ushering Staff: Head Usher - Albert Ozen, Peter Brandt, Harold MacKenzie, Howard Main, Donald Poll, Carl Schwoob, Howard Shantz, Reg Soanes Bert Tomlinson, Gordon Weber, and Roy Wendell.

Male Members - 1948

Back Row(Left to Right): Martin Shoemacker, Roy Wendell, Howard Stieler, Clayton Schmidt, Wilmer Strome, Harvey Bacher, John Miske, Vernon Scheirholz

Front Row (Left to Right): Bruce Shriber, Rudy Scharlach, Art Schmitt, Pastor D. Mayer, Karl Orzen, Roy Fleischauer, Walter Kuehner