New Church Building

While the privilege of worshipping in Sheppard School auditorium was deeply appreciated as a temporary measure, yet, every member from the beginning felt the great need for a proper church building, not only to serve his own worship of God in better surroundings, but also to more effectively grow as a congregation, attracting people in the community.

1949 was only 16 days old when the voters resolved to build a church, approved basic plans, and elected a Building Committee consisting of: 

John Merklinger, Chairman, Carl Schmitt, Norman Demerling, John Miske, Karl Orzen, Harvey Bacher and Pastor Meyer as members. 

Groundbreaking services were held on Sunday, May 29th, with Rev. C. T. Wetzstein, the Chairman of the District Mission Department as speaker.

August 28th, in the midst of a downpour of rain, the Cornerstone Laying Service was held with Rev. H. H. Erdman, Executive Secretary of the District as speaker.


Many will remember this as the year, which gave them perhaps the greatest thrills as they saw their dreams crystallize. Regularly they had to stop at 322 East Avenue to inspect the progress of the building of their House of God, until finally on May 28th, it was ready to move into for worship. That day, Pentecost 1950, marked the last service of Holy Cross congregation in Sheppard School, and the solemn services of dedication of the new church. Over 1300 people attended the two services of celebration, with Pastor Eissfeldt of St. Paul's and Rev. W. O. Rathke, Pres. of the District as the main speakers. The total cost of the church was $91,147.30, but because of previous gifts to the building fund, it was necessary to borrow only $79,535.78 from the District Church Extension Fund, to be paid in 15 years.


This year, perhaps more than any other, is remembered by the members because of the time they personally spent around and inside the church in addition to Sunday mornings. With the church erected, now came such jobs as kitchen cupboard building inside and landscaping outside the church. An exterior bulletin board was erected. A tract rack was installed.