A Protection Plan for Children, Youth and Vulnerable Adults


We believe it is the responsibility of Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church to provide a safe environment for Children, Youth and Vulnerable Adults who are in attendance at Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church's facilities or who participate in Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church-sanctioned activities and programs wherever they may be carried out. Therefore this congregation has adopted and implemented protocols and guidelines for responding to incident and fulfillment of reporting obligations, so that we may exercise the best possible care for one another in a spirit of Christian love.

The above named policy has been developed for Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church by Plan to Protect® with copyright material from the Plan to Protect® manual. Permission has been granted to Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church to adapt the material for their local church to protect children, youth and vulnerable adults. The development and preparation has been undertaken with great care.

The Church has designated Sylvia Das , to be the plan administrator. Any inquiry, request of concern related to the protection of children, youth and vulnerable adults should be directed to Sylvia: either by email to; by phone to 519-742-5812; or made in
writing to: Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church, Attn: Sylvia Das, 322 East Ave, Kitchener, ON
N2H 1Z5.