Interac E-Transfer instructions to make a Donation

to Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church


1) Login to your chosen Bank, directly via the Bank’s website or using your Bank’s App on your chosen device.

2) Select Interac e-Transfer.

3) Select the Bank account to be used for the e-transfer.

4) Enter the $ amount to be sent.

5) For a 1st time donation to Holy Cross, select “Add New Recipient”. Enter the recipient name such as: “Holy Cross Lutheran Church”, then Enter the recipient email address: Then re-enter this email address to confirm.

6) For subsequent donations, select the recipient name “Holy Cross Lutheran Church” from the Recipient drop down list provided.

7) NOTE: Holy Cross has setup interac e-transfer to auto deposit, so there is no need for you to enter a Security Question or Answer.

8) Enter a “Message” in the optional box.

- If you are a current member, please enter your envelope number (if known).

- If an envelope number is not entered, please enter your mailing address so we know exactly who you are and where to send an income tax donation receipt at the end of the year.

- This is where you would also enter any portion(s) of your total donation that you wish to be Designated to any of our existing Dedicated Reserve Funds or non-Unified Budget income accounts. If no Designated account and amount is provided, all donations will automatically be directed to the Unified Budget Receipts account.

NOTE: Only existing Designated accounts can be used. If you wish to donate to a special dedicated purpose for which there is no existing account, please contact the Board of Stewardship for approval before attempting to do so.

9) Review the information entered and click “Send Money”. If you need to make a correction, click “Back” to make the change.

Resulting Notifications sent and received

- You will receive an interac email confirmation that the donation has been sent to Holy Cross.

- Holy Cross will receive an interac email confirmation that your donation has been deposited.

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